Santa came, but all I got was clutter


By now you may have begun to clear out the disaster that happened to your house over the holidays.  If your house is anything like ours, you still have remnants of wrapping paper, boxes, and bows.  It’ll be a small miracle if I ever remove all the glitter from my rug, but today I want to talk about what to do with all the gifts.  Here’s my method for purging yourself of too much “stuff.”  Take a look at your gifts individually and decide if they’re a “keeper.”  Will you really use that item that Aunt Edna gave you, or will it just take up space in your closet, bringing negative energy into your home?  Don’t feel bad about giving the item away just because it was a gift.  The gift served it’s purpose.  You felt happy that Aunt Edna thought of you, or you felt loved.  That’s enough.  Take the items that you’ve decided not to keep and donate them to a charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army.  That way the gift can keep on giving!

So, what should you do with the items you’ve decided to keep?  My strategy for keeping clutter to a minimum is to trade the “keeper” for an item you no longer want or use, and donate the traded item.  If I received a fabulous pair of shoes for Christmas, I happily add them to my closet while removing a pair of shoes that I rarely wear.  If you received new cookware, donate the old.  This method has been a life saver in the battle against clutter in my children’s rooms.  Santa brought you the oh-so-coveted hoverboard?  Fantastic!  Now it’s time to donate a skateboard or scooter that you haven’t ridden since last Christmas.  Santa brought a new doll?  Then time to donate one you don’t play with anymore.  “Out with the old, in with the new” is the mantra we live by after Christmas.

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